Afghan CSS Logistics

Afghan Compound Support Services

AFGHAN CSS is an Afghan-owned business with a long and successful record of supplying and transporting tools, materials and specially modified Conexes, as well managing Service assets and operations throughout all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. On average, AFGHAN CSS supplies and transports materiel on daily basis on behalf of National and international military, Police & local customers.

AFGHAN CSS was created by a team of highly qualified engineers and business professionals who recognized underserved markets in both the logistics and construction industries. Beginning in 2006, AFGHAN CSS demonstrated that Afghans can take a real, meaningful role in the reconstruction and future of their country.

AFGHAN CSS Headquartered in Kabul, AFGHAN CSS’s strategically located sub offices are in Herat, and Mazar-e-Sharif provinces, AFGHAN CSS has registered with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and Ministry of Commerce, carrying all required licensing to conduct business in the country of Afghanistan.

The effective movement of materials, goods and equipment throughout the country demands in-depth, local knowledge. AFGHAN CSS understands Afghanistan’s diverse social structure and cultural backgrounds. We know the geography, the customs and the political dynamics of a country in transition. We are active in both government work and in the private sector, and continually adjust our approach accordingly to meet the specific needs of each client and each project.

AFGHAN CSS backs this knowledge base with an effective human terrain network of skilled professionals and laborers with access to all provinces of Afghanistan, which includes regions with the highest security risks, specifically in the north, south and the east provinces of the country.

Our valuable resources of our professional staff, capital equipment, tools, proven bonding capacity and solid past experience are our formula for success.

 We bring an attitude geared toward social and environmental conscience, the growth and advancement of our local work force, and the use of our partnerships for sustainable business relationships throughout the region. Our future is in the future of Afghanistan and AFGHAN CSS is committed to the stewardship of our country’s people, resources and infrastructure.

We’re not only bound to the highest standards in engineering, logistics, and construction, but also to the local social environments in which we operate. This ensures fair and equitable human resource policies that are ethnically and gender-balanced, as well as our Afghan-First Policy for procurement, recruitment, and daily labor.