Our Mission

Our Mission
  1. Deliver quality and on-time construction and logistics services to our customers at a fair market competitive price
  2. Make sure that the work performed meets all the standard/requirements set   forth in the specification provided by the client to ascertain costumer satisfaction.
  3. Provide job opportunities for Afghans and enhance the capacity of the present/future personnel to the highest possible level.
  4. Understand the market needs and adjust ourselves accordingly.
  5. Provide a quality and safe work environment for our employees
  6. To have an impeccable   record as for construction build-quality and logistics services, in order to provide our customers with a   result exceeding their expectations.  Afghan CSS has strict safety standards with zero accident as our target. We manage that by providing services which are consistent with reliability, value-enhancement and cost-efficiency, thus doing our best to keep clients satisfied.

We (Afghan CSS) believe that success can only be attained through extreme discipline, honesty constant hardworking, sharing experiences and information willing to work as one team and respect for each other information, team, other.


Our employees is our most valuable asset. We owe our success over the years to the dedication and commitment of our staff and workforce. We believe that management is about getting the right people to the right task. By sticking to our core aim of keeping our clients satisfied, the following are the strategies we adopt in Afghan CSS so as to provide Value Enhancing Services Value-Services.