Logistics Supply & Services

Logistical Support & Supply

As Afghanistan’s leading logistics, transport and supply chain management company, AFGHAN CSS is firmly supported by Top-class Logisticians and Procurement professionals to sustain projects, execute programs, and conduct operations.

Each month AFGHAN CSS researches, selects, and procures millions of US dollars worth of materiel in support of the stability and security of Afghanistan. On any given day, we’re transporting in excess of $1.5M worth of equipment, products, and life support through all provinces of Afghanistan.

Our staff uses modern tools, technologies, and industry practices to ensure we provide optimal quality, correct quantities, superior value, total accuracy of orders, and on-time delivery. The basis of our Quality Program is to always ensure we are procuring or manufacturing products that meet or exceed our clients’ requirements. We have a team of quality monitors and QC personnel who quality checks everything coming in and everything going out.

We know deadlines aren’t negotiable and delays compromise our clients’ mission critical operations. As a result we offer realistic delivery commitments backed by our commitment to the delivery itself. We plan every logistical step in advance to forecast the unforeseeable.

Our performance record is evident of our quality of services and customer satisfaction. With regard to client satisfaction, AFGHAN CSS has developed a long-term approach to building trust with our clients so we remain long term partners. We are dedicated to meeting clients’ needs, even when they are changing. We’re flexible and always ready to find solutions to adapt to new requests. We listen to our clients to better understand their needs and adapt our methodologies and services.