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TALOS by Intelsec


Applications Include
  • Proven and extremely reliable system
  • Effective in hostile environments
  • Discreet installation
  • Clear and distinct annunciation
  • Easily transferable
  • In excess of 11,500 installed worldwide
  • Optional SMS alarm messaging system
Technical Specification
  • Power 7-30VDC 30mA
  • Temperature -25 to +85 C
  • Sensitivity 2mA/M
  • RFI Protected Tested to 0-30mhz 200V/M
  • 3-80mhz 50V/M
  • 80-500mhz 20V/M
  • Self Test TALOS self tests on arming
  • Arming Delay 20 seconds

Talos a dual-function system giving the driver a visual warning if a magnet of reasonable strength is fitted to the underside of the car. It is also configurable for remote alarm signalling via the GSM network, sending a warning text message direct to three mobile phone numbers (see TaNS below)

Talos Notification System (TaNS)

With the optional TaNS system, a new level of user safety and security is added to the Talos system. Utilising the latest GSM systems, TaNS will notify up to three mobile phone numbers of alarms conditions via a range of both preset & user defined SMS text messages, providing users with a remote alarm warning over the GSM network.

The Advantages of Talos

Talos uses “state-of-the-art” technology to provide the most advanced detection system of its type available in the world today. Using microprocessor techniques, the Talos system carries out advanced Noise Cancellation and Ambient Magnetic Threshold measurements to ensure that the system is effective even in the most hostile environments. Talos has been subject to the most intense R.F.I. testing to ensure that it’s performance is not affected by even the harshest R.F. environments.

  • Processor -weight 300gms, 22mm x 128mm x 190mm
  • Detector -weight 100gms, 15mm x 40mm x 50mm
  • NATO Stock No. 5865-99-839-9261