Conex Capability

Our Construction division provides full scope, turnkey project and program management, construction management, engineering, procurement, and construction services encompassing program management, materials management, supply chain management, logistics management, subcontractor management, transport, inspections, finish-out, and commissioning.

AFGHAN CSS’s Logistics capabilities range from full commercial design and development to simple “build-to-print” projects all over Afghanistan. This includes a very versatile and cost-effective design/build and transport program converting conex containers into multi-use facilities ranging from bathrooms, office spaces, environmentally-controlled stockrooms, kitchens, laundry facilities, and living quarters. The full spectrum of our construction capability includes:

  • Conex design and finish to suit
  • Commissioning/ Start-up services
  • Construction management
  • Metal work
  • Module and pipe fabrication
  • Electrical construction services
  • Mechanical construction services
  • Site preparation